Zimbabwe: Churches Key Partners for Development, Says Minister

The Herald – Goverment is committed to working with various churches countrywide in implementing its economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Programme for Socio Economic Transformation (ZIMPSET), which is aimed at guiding the country’s economic and social development, a senior Government official has said.

Speaking at the official opening of the Kingdom Congress and Nations of Christ Consultation (KCNCC) meeting held in Harare yesterday, Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Miriam Chikukwa said there was need to engage various Christian communities for nation building.

“Government is rolling out the new economic blueprint called the Zimbabwe Programme for Socio-Economic Transformation that is expected to guide the country’s economic and social development from now until December 2015,” said Minister Chikukwa.

“There are feasible partners who have shown to have impact on the economy, the Christian community being one of them.

“As a result Government has publicly committed itself to work in partnership with the church to fulfil all our nation building projects in all sectors of the economy.”

Minister Chikukwa said her ministry is expected to increase interaction between there public and Government. She added that the ministry will be a useful tool in the evaluation of the performance of Government in the province.

Government, said Minister Chikukwa, had realised the need for spiritual revelation, character, emotional and moral capacity building, where the church comes in handy in contributing to socio-economic development of the country.

KCNCC is holding a two- day conference under the theme, “Community Care and Empowerment: Building Godly Communities and Nations.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Kingdom International Ministries pastor, Dr Alexander Chisango said churches were prepared to work with government to chart a new path in economic development.

“We thank the Government for being part of us and urge other churches to assist in reviving our nation. The church should be there to restore peace and harmony in the country as well as co-ordinating various stakeholders in developing the country,” he said.

ZIMPSET programmes include food security and nutrition, infrastructure and utilities, social services and poverty eradication and value addition and beneficiation among many others.

The first phase of the implementation of the blueprint began in earnest last month and is expected to run until the first quarter of the year.

The rest of the programme is expected to continue from there until December 2015.

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