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Uganda: Archbishop Wants ‘Christian Courts’ Recognized

Kampala — Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga has called for an amendment to Uganda’s constitution to give Christian churches some mandate to resolve marital disputes, the same way it recognizes Muslim Khadi


Kim Kardashian Denies Insulting Nigerians

American celeb Kim Kardashian has come out to publicly deny that she insulted Nigerians on her twitter account claiming that somebody used her name to send a fake tweet. Kim


Trusting God to meet the desires of your heart

I’ve always been a firm believer in “the one” and waiting 10 years for him was worth it. I have always been a true believer in the “right one” when


‘Worldly Christians’ are ‘damaging the faith’

An online survey has indicated that about a quarter of Christians are ‘not very Christian’ in how they live their daily lives. The Christianity Quiz, which was created by the


Green heating for Manchester Cathedral

The congregation of Manchester Cathedral are meeting in a pop-up church until work on a new green heating scheme has been finished. Contractors will be installing the system from 3