Africa: Reformed Catholics to Enthrone African Pope

Peter NjoguTHE Reformed Catholic Church which is spearheaded by married priests plans to have an African pope. The church bishops who included Peter Njogu of Mt Kenya region diocese and John Karimi of Kirinyaga said on Saturday they are planning to have one centre of power in Africa where they will install a pope.

“We may not necessary call him pope like the Roman Catholic but we may get another name similar to that. Our church is growing very fast and it

is the high time we Africans have one centre of power in Africa,” said Karimi.

The bishops said since the Reformed Catholic Church has many followers in many countries, including Uganda, South Africa,

Europe and Asia, there should be one centre of power especially in Africa unlike the Roman Catholics whose Pope is based in Rome.

The two were speaking at the Renewed Universal Catholic Church near Nyeri town after conducting a ceremony for over 10 new priests from the Roman Catholic who joined their church.

Karimi said the church has over 3,000 followers and called for unity with other churches in Africa to ensure the denomination sets up one centre of power. Many of the churches are in Nyeri, Nakuru, Meru, Narok and Nairobi counties.

“If we increase the number of deacons and churches, we shall be able to have our own Pope,” said Njogu. The two also comdemned an increase in crime, prostitution, gayism, alcoholism, suicide cases and other forms of immorality and urged police to take remedial measures.

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