Angola: Church Must Work to Solve Young People’s Problems – Tocoist Bishop

Angola: Church Must Work to Solve Young People’s Problems – Tocoist Bishop

(Angolan Press)Luanda — The church has the duty to work towards helping to solve the problems faced by young people, since they are the future of the country and of the various religious congregations.

This point of view was manifested by the bishop of the Our Lord Jesus Christ Church in the World (also dubbed Tocoist Church), Afonso Nunes, on an interview to the press last Saturday evening, on the fringes of a lecture with the theme “The causes and problems that affect the youth”.

He stressed that the meeting is part of the activities scheduled by his church with the aim of sensitising the people and the believers towards adopting more acceptable and harmonious manners, which can help in the promotion of peace, avoid the disintegration of homes, fight against crime, decrease in the use of drugs and prostitution.

“The youth have presented several problems and the reasons why they commit many crimes, (…) one of which is the rejection many get from their parents (…)”, he stressed.

Bishop Afonso Nunes also pointed out the lack of employment as another main cause behind the deviant behaviour of many youths.

Bishop Afonso Nunes concluded by saying that the social doctrine of the church demands the organization of educational programmes to raise the awareness of the society in general, and the believers in particular, about the need to contribute to finding solutions to the pressing problems affecting the youth.

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