Angola: Methodist Church Pays Homage to Bishop

Angola: Methodist Church Pays Homage to Bishop

Angolan Press – The Methodist Church of Icolo e Bengo Eclesiastic District of Luanda-Sul, paid homage on October 27, Sunday to bishop Emílio Júlio Miguel de Carvalho for the anniversary of his consecration as the first Angolan prelate of this religious institution.

Bishop Emílio de Carvalho said that the church should pay particular attention to Northern provinces of the country due to the fact that oil industry is developing and the Methodist people have to follow this fact. On the other hand, he said that the two books “After the Storm and the fight goes on” and “the Angolan Methodist”, will be the last to be published.

The church leader launched the challenge to Methodist community, in particular the young people, in order to follow his example.

Bishop Emílio de Carvalho thanked God, for celebrating one more anniversary of his consecration.

Emílio Júlio Miguel de carvalho was consecrated on October 21, 1972, the date that was recorded in the history of the church as the Angolan episcope day.

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