Church of the Faithful Anglican Church Inaugural Service

10003834_239690029488003_1765323310_oThe Christian Journal, Bronx New York – It was no ordinary day as the Church of the Faithful Anglican Communion celebrated its First Service/ Inaugural Mass in its new church location at 850 Astor Avenue, Bronx NY, near Pelham Parkway. The faithful were happy to be part of this historic moment.

The inaugural worship service is a day of celebrating what God is doing. It is a time to worship Him! We honor God as He blesses His children with spiritual fruit in the new community to expand his kingdom on earth to fulfill the Great Commission through the Great Commandment.

Rev. Canon Ifeanyi Obiechefu in his sermon said “God is in the business of blessing people. As African we did not come to America just to make money but to bring to America the God we worship. He told all in attendance God have seen their presence and he will bless them for making this day possible. He further said he has learned one thing from the devil; he never gives up so we should not give up worshiping God. If we listen to the scriptures read today Satan tempted Jesus on three different occasions and even when he died he tried to put the biggest stone on his tomb so he can defeat him in death but Jesus defeated the devil by his resurrection”.

In his closing remarks, he thanked all that helped bring relatives, friends and the faithful to this inaugural service.

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