Nigeria: Anglican Synod Tackles Divorce, Societal Decadence, Others

Nigeria: Anglican Synod Tackles Divorce, Societal Decadence, Others

By Lawrence Njoku and Murtala Muhammed
AS 167 Bishops of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) gather in Enugu for the church’s 11th general synod, beginning from Tuesday, the increasing number divorce, societal decadence, lesbianism and homosexualism among Christians will be at the front burner.

According to the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, the event will discuss corruption, distortion of the gospel and other burning national issues, and come up with a position on certain developments in the country.

The synod, billed for the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Enugu, to be led by Primate Nicholas Okoh, is expected to attract about 1,500 delegates across the dioceses in Nigeria.

Briefing newsmen yesterday, Chukwuma said the church was worried about the level of decadence in the country, explaining that worshippers and servants of God were no longer safe to profess their faith. He added that the church was also concerned about the rulership of the devil in the country following the level of corruption in the country.

Similarly, the Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammed Sanusi II, alarmed at the soaring cases of illegal divorce and the attendant consequences, has appealed to the Kano State Government to enact a law to curtail the rampant divorces in the state.

And apparently worried by the worsening cases of drug addictions, particular among public servants, Sanusi has equally advised the state government not to hesitate to dismiss and prosecute any public service holder found dealing in hard drugs henceforth.

On his part, he vowed that the emirate council would not delay to dethrone any traditional head who is unwilling to support the state’s anti-drug war and zero tolerance to drug abuse.

“Government should come up with legislation, including imprisonment, against those who divorce their wives arbitrarily, without genuine reason, those who refuse to accord women their rights to education, health and secure livelihood,” Sanusi said.

“We equally want to urge the government to impose stiff penalties on people who remove their children from school under the pretext of giving their hands away in marriage. We believe whoever abuses the rights of his wife and children must be punished summarily in order to deter others.”

The emir, who recently dethroned a ward head in Kunchi local council for misconduct and drugs-related offences, spoke during the distribution of empowerment packages to over 300 former drug addicts after they had undergone six weeks rehabilitation and detoxification training in Kano.

Chukwuma said that the synod, with the theme, “Thy Kingdom Come,” is borne out of the realization that the kingdom of the world had expired, adding that the church was poised to call for the will of God to be done in the country.

“If the kingdom of God comes, life will be better, truth will prevail, justice and equity will be in place. Right now, there is a lot of corruption, violence everywhere, envy, hatred, stealing, immorality and distortion of the gospel for which you have homosexuality and lesbianism,” he said.

“These things are giving a lot of worry to the church and the Anglican Communion will use the synod to caution itself and wage war against the kingdom of devil and establish the kingdom of God.

“We are tired of terrorism; we are tied of issues threatening the unity of the church. We feel that time has come for us to ask for freedom because righteousness exalts a nation and when the righteous is in authority, the people rejoice.

“As we prepare for 2015 election, we are looking forward to a better reign and a better crème of people with the fear of God in their heart, who will allow truth, honesty of purpose to be in place, that will allow the interest of the masses to prevail. We feel that time has come for God to take over for progress to be established in our society.”

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