Worship His Majesty

Worship His Majesty

1487869_229777393812600_573925132_oThe Christian Journal, Bronx, NY – You may have seen them in your church or one of the community events. Powerhouse vocalist Christian Gyamfi led the way with a powerful and spiritual worship at The Christian Journal sponsored WORSHIP HIS MAJESTY at Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace) in the Bronx New York at 1660 Gunhill Road.

Excitement was in the air as the praise & worship was under way with Minister Chris Gyamfi leading a spirited and powerful rendition of various gospel songs. “Yes! Praise releases the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst to meet our needs. Praise opens up locked doors in our lives as we worship our Maker who alone can sustain us”. The Minister said

The Audience, with their hands raised to the skies began lifting their praise to the Lord.
It was the turn of Felicity Amoah, who took her turn delivering her powerful brands of gospel; the audience in attendance needed no help, they knew all the lyrics, and many danced in the aisles.
It was amazing to see people cry out of joy during praise and worship, and yes one could tell that, when we open our mouths, souls and spirits to praise God, we invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives to enlighten our beings and transform us into His presence.

The rest of the night was dancing; frenetic audience came out in force to worship.
Watch out for the next Christian Journal Sponsored Gospel Show.

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