Inner Court Sanctuary ends a five day revival. “Intense Prayer for Uncommon Grace Uncommon Race

Inner Court Sanctuary ends a five day revival. “Intense Prayer for Uncommon Grace Uncommon Race

Portia Asare, The Christian Journal Reporter – Bronx, New York
Prophet Diallo Godfred Oppong of Revival Flames Bible Church International, guest speaker for “Intense Prayer for Uncommon Grace Uncommon Race” Revival which took place at the Inner Court Sanctuary in the Bronx, New York from January 20th to the 24th.

The Ghanaian-based prophet in his sermon said Grace is a dirty word for the devil.
“There is only one relationship that really matters and that is your personal relationship to your personal redeemer and Lord. If you maintain that at all costs, letting everything else go, God will fulfill His purpose through your life”. He said.

David asked “Is there not yet any of the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God unto him? Grace begins in the throne room and finds us.
“I would like to remind each of you this evening that by Grace you are somebody. However, because His grace was revealed unto us in the person of His son the Lord Jesus, we can be saved and used by the Lord in a wonderful way”.

He further said”Many things in life will fail us. Friends will come and go. Health can be an elusive thing. Riches and wealth will often remain just beyond our reach. Those we love will pass leaving a void in our hearts hard to be filled. However, there is one thing that every child of God possess that can never fail, never end, never run out, never run dry and that will never be found to be insufficient, and that is the Grace of God! Yes, the road may be long, the days may be filled with difficulties and struggles, but rest assured that there will be grace sufficient for every need and every trial. That is the promise of God.”
The event was well attended.

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