Uganda: Miracle – Draw God to You Through Deeper Worship

Uganda: Miracle – Draw God to You Through Deeper Worship

Sorry, but I am convinced we had the best worship session anywhere, at my church last Sunday. With Julius Ssewava leading the worship, we went into extended reverence of God through the new song, and my, oh my!

The new song is where you veer away from the actual known song brought forward during praise and worship, and the congregation breaks into private moments with God. It is everyone to their own song, pouring the heart out like no documented song can possibly do you justice.

Everyone was singing their own private lyrics in their own private tune with varying levels of passion. At one point I paused and listened to the hum in the church. It was reverberating with something I can only liken to an electric current. In every corner I looked, someone was having a very private moment with his/her God. Just awesome.

I am used to doing the new song, but never have I seen it turn out quite like that; where you leave with a satisfied feeling that, “Yes, I have indeed worshipped Him in truth and in spirit today!”

Especially in this day and age when praise and worship are increasingly classified in many minds as “the entertainment that comes before the Word is preached” due to its heaviness on drama and lightness on the spiritual, it is extremely delivering and fulfilling when you leave with no doubt that the scripture came to pass that God dwells in the midst of our praises.

I love how true worship stirs up the prophetic anointing and the healing power of God. I pray that there are no steps backwards; just forwards.

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