Praise in His Sanctuary 2013

Praise in His Sanctuary 2013

1524023_229623243828015_600088373_oBy Cheri-Ann Rougier, The Christian Journal Contributor Bronx New York – Kingdom Covenant Family Church (KCFC) has once again attracted a multitudinous gathering. Delivered to a packed sanctuary an exuberant evening of praise in their annual “Praise in His Sanctuary” celebration.
This year’s highly anticipated event did not fall short of our expectations as it culminated into a joyous celebration. Kingdom Covenant Family Church has done it again, only this time they did it with such enthusiasm and grace – that for the next few days following the event it was the talk of the town.

What a night! It was an assembly of churches, different denominations coming together for an amazing night of fellowship, on the night after Christmas. It was just what we needed, a celebration to thank God for all that He had done for us throughout the year.
The event was officiated by Walter Banini from New Jersey who did an awesome job as Master of Ceremony, making the event exceptional. And of course the musicians cannot be forgotten as they too played a huge role in the night’s success.

It was a high spirited night of dancing, thanksgiving, praise and worship all under one roof, led by a relatively new and upcoming praise and worship group called “Voices of Praise.” With hands uplifted they led the congregation into worship with such songs as: Heart of Worship, Hosanna in the Highest and This Is Holy Ground. Holy ground it was indeed, having to describe this experience is indescribable. Can one really accurately describe the presence of God? Or what it feels like to be lost in His presence? I don’t think so. But that’s exactly what happened. The presence of God became so real that many knelt down; others lay prostrate before Him in complete surrender.

Visiting Pastors included, Bishop Stephen Hutchinson of The Called out Family of God in the Bronx, Evangelist Glenis Forbes of Showers of Blessings Church of God located in Queens, and Pastor Prince Frimpong of Kingdom Praise Ministries in New Jersey.
Evangelist Forbes, known to many as Brother Sunshine, ignited the atmosphere with his energy filled rendition of “Oh Happy Day,” much to the delight of the congregation who shouted in jubilant agreement. Perhaps it was also their testimony of what God had done for them.

Kingdom Covenant Family Church’s own Pastor Kwesi Dei gave a brief exaltation on the importance of Praise and how it deepens the relationship between God and believers.
None of the joyous congregants were was concerned about the time. They praise and worshipped God for five hours. Pastor Prince Frimpong carried us into the Holy of Holies, the secret place reserved for you and Jehovah, the place where your heart cries “Abba Father!” It is that place of stillness where worship is not a song but your heart recognizing that the omnipotent God in all His sovereignty created you and I to do the one thing He cannot do for Himself and that is worship. It was the moment of revelation when God revealed Himself. Pastor Prince backed by his praise team and led by the Holy Spirit brought an entire congregation through worship to understand what it means to reverence God; where your words are no longer necessary because your tears say to God, all that your words are incapable of expressing. Nothing was more important in that moment when a large congregation in one accord surrendered to the will of God.

Kneeling before God I was reminded of the scripture in (1 Kings 8:22) when King Solomon in front of the whole assembly of Israel spread his hands towards heaven and worshiped God. Pastor Richard Boakye a powerful man of God regarded as sapient in the areas of deliverance and prayer deserves to be commended on putting on such an exceptional event two years in a row.

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